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Skip the Fake Bake

You’ve heard them all:
Fake it till you make it, fake news, fake tans, fake identities, fake photos… and fake foods.

In a world where cheap and artificial seem to dominate the landscape, sometimes you just want something real.  Real ingredients, real fresh-baked, good stuff.  And here’s a bonus… it’s better for you, too.

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Flavors of the Seasons

You’ve enjoyed the delicious citrus fruits and berries of summer.  Who doesn’t love lemon cake, raspberry mousse or blueberry pie?

Fall is coming soon and with it will come the warm, aromatic spices of pumpkins, pies and carrot cakes.

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Back to School Treats

It’s all on your back-to-school list: bookbag, lunchbox, notebook, paper, pencils and shoes… but before you send them off to school this fall, include some special fresh-baked surprises that will remind them you’re thinking about them while they’re away from you at school.  Read more

Lighter Treats for Hot Summer Days

It’s getting really warm and muggy out there.  The heat has most of us looking for something cooler and lighter to enjoy for dessert during the hot summer months.  When looking for lighter fare and cooler treats, it can be fun to put a new twist on an old favorite.

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Pool Party Favorites

When the heat is up and water is calling your name, it’s time for a pool party. Plan ahead and you’ll be as relaxed as all the kids and adults coming out of the water ready to eat! Having a variety of cool treats ready will save time and keep everyone having fun for hours.

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Cool, Creamy Pineapple Mousse Pie

This is a long-time favorite from our bakery archives that’s easily adapted to make at home.  When the summer heat has you ready to cool-down, this is a refreshing treat you can whip up in no time.

Whether you lounge by the pool or put your feet up for a movie, this easy to make pie is just the treat for to help you “chill” with a slice right out of the fridge.

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Red, White, and Blue Desserts

July Fourth is fast approaching and friends and family will gather for dinners, picnics, cookouts and parties to celebrate Independence Day.  Such a patriotic time lends itself to desserts that feature the colors of the nation’s flag.  If your event plans – or family plans – need a fresh red, white & blue dessert, here are a few suggestions you may consider for each color and a few links we’ve shared to some fun make-it-yourself Fourth of July Desserts. Read more

Have a Cool Slice this Summer

During the summer, cool refreshing pies are a hit at BBQs and picnics.  Beside cream and light mousse pies, flavors such as strawberry and key lime are big hits during the summer months.

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Ombre Cakes

Ombre cakes have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and they continue to be a beautiful and colorful option for all events. From birthdays to weddings, these cakes can fit any occasion.

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Cake or Torte, That is the Question

Both desserts involve cake, but the ingredients and form are different.

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