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Why Pie?

Ever wondered why we wait all year to dive into a huge slice of pumpkin pie? With a golden brown crust, bright orange custard filling, and nice cool dollop of whipped cream. It is the perfect ending to a wonderful, family meal. But did you know that perfect slice of pie is a relatively new tradition? Read more

Traveling with Baked Goods

The holiday travel season is coming quickly. If you are anything like us, we are constantly traveling back and forth to holiday parties with baked goods in tow. Everything from cakes, cookies, and tortes to dipped pretzels, fudge, and sweet breads get carefully packaged on plates covered with foil or in tacky plastic containers and gently placed on the floorboards. Read more

13 Halloween Fun Facts – Part 1

Today, Halloween is celebrated as a night to dress up in costume and collect and eat as much candy as possible. However, for over 2,000 years Halloween (known originally as All Hallows Eve) signaled the Celtic New Year. In Irish folklore it was the night that all those who passed away during the previous year were able to roam the earth. Some of our current traditions have their roots in these Irish folktales, while others did not evolve until the early 1900s. Check out the first part of our list of 13 Halloween Fun Facts. Then stay tuned for the next later this week. Read more

13 Halloween Fun Facts – Part 2

We are going to look at the rest of our list of 13 Halloween Fun Facts. We hope you have enjoyed them so far, and we know these will entertain you as well! Read more

Your Wedding Life Preserver

Imagine this: Two days before your perfectly planned wedding a fire breaks out at your reception hall burning it to the ground, the pipes burst in your apartment ruining your wedding gown, and your fiancé’s great aunt that raised him since birth has fallen ill and is now in the hospital. Worst case scenario right? Read more

Copyrights and Copy-Cakes: Know the Risks

Preparing for a ‘Frozen’ party or ‘Mickey Mouse’ event? Wait, have you asked Walt about that?

It’s actually pretty simple to get permission from media companies to use a character for a private event. And understanding the risks you assume if you don’t get that permission is important. Let’s take a look at how you can keep your theme idea, make that grand cake, and do so without legal troubles for you or your cake decorator. Read more

What Wedding Cake Topper Suits You?

What Wedding Cake Topper Suits You

Wedding cakes have had toppers for hundreds of years, but how the tradition started is a subject cloaked in mystery. Read more

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Groom’s Cake

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Groom's Cake

The Groom’s cake is a popular southern wedding tradition.  It’s a way for the groom to get some special attention on a day that typically revolves around the bride…  Read more