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Mother’s Day Traditions and Treats

The second Sunday of May is fast-approaching, wherein we celebrate one of America’s most revered holidays. While celebrations of mothers can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the American Mother’s Day has roots dating back to 1858. That’s when Ann Jarvis, mother of eleven, began forming Mothers’ Day Work Clubs to improve the health and wellness of children. Read more

6 Father’s Day Treats for your Pop

Dad. Daddy. Pops. Da-Da. Father. There are so many different names for the men in our lives. They are there for us, strong for us, and provide for us, yet many only get the recognition they deserve once a year. For many of us, picking the perfect dessert to celebrate dad is a difficult task. We want to get them something special, but what if dad doesn’t like sweets?  A frilly, over-the-top cake probably doesn’t fit his personality.  The following list will help you pick the perfect treat for the father that deserves more than just a single day of appreciation.  Read more

Sculpted Flowers for Spring Cake Designs

After a particularly harsh winter, we eagerly anticipate the warmth and vitality of spring. The cycle of life and growth begins anew as flowers bloom once again. Read more

Great Cakespectations

With the wedding show season still going strong articles in the news are popping up everywhere regarding planning for, budgeting for, and designing the perfect wedding…specifically the perfect wedding cake. For some it’s the centerpiece for the entire feel of the evening, for others it’s a tasty dessert to round of a spectacular event. What these articles fail to mention is the flexibility brides & grooms need to have in order to do all the above mentioned planning. With wedding cakes especially, clients should do research & be mentally and monetarily prepared to be flexible. Read more

The History of the Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Chocolate has been enjoyed as a special treat as far back as 1100 BC. It has been reported that the Aztec and Mayan civilizations enjoyed chocolate as a beverage and even used cocoa beans as currency. As cocoa spread around the world different versions emerged. Candy makers added milk and sugar to create a creamy variety, others added nuts and caramel to create stick treats. Today there is a chocolate out there sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Read more

Bridal Show Survival Guide

Wedding Show Survival Guide

If you’ve never been to a Bridal Show, you’re in for an adventure.  Or perhaps you’ve been to more than you can count while planning your ultimate dream day!  Either way, these 5 simple tips will help make your next Bridal Show trip as successful and enjoyable as possible. Read more

Top 6 ‘Wedd-tro’ Cake Trends for Spring 2015

2015 promises to bring unique flavors and a few wedding retro arrangements to the wedding cake game. While some styles will still lean more toward the classic and romantic side, others are quite creative and out of the box. Find your own personal style in one of these 6 emerging retro trends for weddings in the Spring of 2015. Read more

Office Party Etiquette

Let’s face it; when people get into groups things can get awkward. We have more ‘social connections’ in today’s modern world than ever before, however most people simply don’t know how to actually socialize. We speak with our coworkers, customers and clients on a daily basis, but for some reason we lose all common sense when it comes to company social gatherings. They can be tricky situations. How do you adequately balance the corporate world with a party atmosphere? Read more

Saras Pepparkakor

American Dream Cakes, Inc. sister company, Saras Pepparkakor, is about to make her grand debut at the Scandinavian Christmas Festival in Raleigh on December 6th! Saras Pepparkakor will specialize in traditional Swedish holiday sweets; the most important & well known being pepparkakor (gingerbread cookie). Although a traditional pepparkakor shares many similar ingredients as an American gingerbread, they are completely different cookies. Read more

Why Pie?

Ever wondered why we wait all year to dive into a huge slice of pumpkin pie? With a golden brown crust, bright orange custard filling, and nice cool dollop of whipped cream. It is the perfect ending to a wonderful, family meal. But did you know that perfect slice of pie is a relatively new tradition? Read more