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10 Don’t For Your Outdoor I Dos

It’s hard to beat the beauty of nature. Combine that with the happiest day of your life and you have a recipe for something gorgeous. However, an outdoor wedding often comes with its share of difficulties. Let’s take a look at how not to organize an outdoor wedding. Read more

Cooking with Kids: 3 Easy Treats for Tots

Cooking with your kids is a great way to spend time together, while teaching them something new. If you have a budding gourmand at home, give him a chance to help out in the kitchen with these easy, childproof recipes. Read more

5 NC Festivals to Enjoy This Fall

North Carolina has numerous opportunities for family fun – featuring food, music, water sports, competitions, fireworks, and so much more. Here are five great local autumn festivals you shouldn’t miss: Read more

7 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Hurricane season can produce some pretty gloomy days, putting a damper on even the sunniest disposition. Avoid boredom – for both you and your kids – with these rainy day tips for indoor fun. Read more

How to Plan a Wedding

Wedding planning is filled with excitement and expectations, but it can also be an extremely challenging and stressful time. You have to stay organized, stick to a budget, and start early enough to allow plenty of time to get everything done. That’s why we created this little planning guide to assist you with a few of the essentials for a successful wedding day: Read more

Irish Cream Cupcakes Recipe

Kiss Me I'm Irish CreamYou voted and now here it is. Our recipe for Irish Cream Cupcakes. Enjoy! Read more

Summer Food Safety 101

There’s nothing quite like summertime cookouts, picnics, and potlucks, with the inviting aroma of charcoal-grilled steaks, the laughter of children, and spirited conversation. We all know summer parties just aren’t complete without a little good food – make that a lot of good food. Unfortunately, there are more cases of food poisoning in the summer than in any other season, so during warmer weather it is especially crucial to practice safe handling of perishable foods like meat, poultry, seafood and egg products. Read more

Celebrate Summer – Midsummer that is

In America, our summers are filled with beach trips, boating, and tons of other activities on or near the water. It’s all about working hard during the week so that we can enjoy long summer weekends outdoors with our friends and family. However, the Swedes celebrate their warm weather season a bit differently. Read more

What’s His Story?

Father’s Day is June 21st. It is a day designated to celebrate all that dad means to us. Some of our dads are soldiers, some are blue collar workers, yet all of them give love like no other. As children Dad is a superhero that can do it all, as adults we understand the hard work and sacrifice our fathers made in order to give us a better life. Read more

Berry Yummy Treats for Summer

This summer, let the season’s sweetest treats – fresh berries – take the spotlight with delightful and delectable desserts. Freshly picked or purchased at the supermarket, they make for a refreshing respite on sweltering summer days. Berries rich in antioxidants – blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries – add a natural sweetness, as well as a healthy dose of nutrients, to your desserts. Here is some inspiration for fresh berry dessert options: Read more