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American Dream Cakes – Our 15 Year History

American Dream Cakes was pleased to celebrate our 15th Anniversary on March 14, 2016. Thank you to everyone that has made this journey possible. We look forward to many more years making life delicious. Read more

2016 Beach Wedding Trends

Spring is here, but we are already looking forward to summer weddings! We noticed a few things changing the world of beach-side weddings. A shift in color choices, less florals, simplified celebrations are going to be big in 2016. Read more

Spring Break Activities for Kids

It’s that time of year again, and your kids are looking forward to a week off from school. A week of sleeping until noon, staying in pjs all day and binge watching cartoons. This spring break, channel their attention into productive pursuits, and keep their little hands busy with these great activities. Read more

2016 Spring Wedding Flower Trends

Flowers have been featured in wedding celebrations since Roman times, when brides believed that floral headdresses increased fertility and offered protection from evil spirits. Though many beliefs and customs have changed since then, wedding flowers are still all the rage. Read more

Cupid, We Hardly Knew Ye

Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without Cupid – one of the world’s most enduring symbols of love. He’s often depicted as a chubby baby with wings, but this guy is no innocent child. Cupid has a complex backstory, including a family tree rooted in ancient times. Read more

Tops Gifts for Your Sweetheart

Just when you thought you had the gift-giving season conquered, here it comes again. Valentine’s Day is upon us, with more decisions to be made. Stay ahead of the last minute frenzy this year with these great gift ideas: Read more

Bridal Show Survival Guide – 2016 Edition

If you’ve never been to a Bridal Show, you’re in for an adventure.  Or perhaps you’ve been to more than you can count while planning your ultimate dream day!  Either way, these 5 simple tips will help make your next Bridal Show trip as successful and enjoyable as possible. Read more

The History of the Candy Cane

candy-caneToday we have endless holiday confections to choose from, yet nothing embodies the spirit of Christmas quite like the candy cane. Read more

10 Tips for Minimizing Wedding Stress

Engaged? Stressing about planning your wedding? Most every bride looks forward to planning their dream wedding. But time constraints and the desire to please everyone on your guest list can quickly transform your jubilant wedding celebration into a stressful ordeal. Preparation is the secret to staying out of the ‘Bridezilla’ club. These wedding planning tips will help you plan the perfect wedding day, without breaking a sweat. Read more

Kitchen Safety 101

Nothing brings friends and family together like the holidays, and home-cooked meals are a centerpiece of the celebration. Ensure that everyone has a great time this season by following these kitchen safety tips. Read more