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Fall Weddings are Warming Up


Fall: A Growing Season for Weddings
Summer’s heat has passed.  Days are shortening, but fall presents us with a second “new year” as school years, harvests and other cycles start anew in fall.  One thing is certain, this traditional season of harvest is producing a bumper crop of weddings.

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Preparing for Weddings & Hurricane Season


When Wedding Season and Hurricane Season Align

Weddings happen all year, but roughly 70% occur in the summer and fall between May and October. About 40% of wedding are planned during the later months of September and October.

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Flavors of Fall


Happy Fall, y’all!

Fall brings shorter days, cooler weather, pumpkins, spice, Halloween fun and local festivals.  We’re ready for you and your fall cravings.  Here are some Fall Fixin’s from the bakery to make your life delicious this season:

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Family Baking Traditions


Food brings families together.  It helps us gather at mealtime, celebrate holidays, and converse at community gatherings.

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Warm Up to Fall Flavors


The weather is cooling and days are shortening.  Fall harvest has arrived.  It’s time to warm up with cozy flavors that remind us of hearth and home.

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Fun Things to do this Fall


Back to school also means back to business for many adults, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had this time of year.  Jacksonville and Onslow County host many fun fall events.  The area is centrally located with several regional festivals nearby, too.  It’s the season for harvests, festivals and there’s plenty to enjoy to keep your hearts warm as the weather cools.

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Skip the Fake Bake


You’ve heard them all:
Fake it till you make it, fake news, fake tans, fake identities, fake photos… and fake foods.

In a world where cheap and artificial seem to dominate the landscape, sometimes you just want something real.  Real ingredients, real fresh-baked, good stuff.  And here’s a bonus… it’s better for you, too.

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Flavors of the Seasons


You’ve enjoyed the delicious citrus fruits and berries of summer.  Who doesn’t love lemon cake, raspberry mousse or blueberry pie?

Fall is coming soon and with it will come the warm, aromatic spices of pumpkins, pies and carrot cakes.

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Back to School Treats


It’s all on your back-to-school list: bookbag, lunchbox, notebook, paper, pencils and shoes… but before you send them off to school this fall, include some special fresh-baked surprises that will remind them you’re thinking about them while they’re away from you at school.  Read more

Lighter Treats for Hot Summer Days

Raspberry ice-cream sandwich

It’s getting really warm and muggy out there.  The heat has most of us looking for something cooler and lighter to enjoy for dessert during the hot summer months.  When looking for lighter fare and cooler treats, it can be fun to put a new twist on an old favorite.

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