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Sara’s Pepparkakor

Swedish Pepparkakor started as a honey and pepper cookie.  They were once far spicier than the popular gingersnap-style cookie we enjoy now.  The cookies were thought to cure sicknesses, ward off depression and make you nicer.  Today, baking soda leavens the cookies, but originally potash was used.  Potash helped to settle indigestion, so maybe they did make folks a little nicer to be around.  Over the years, ginger and sweet spices have replace the pepper.  We’re not sure they ever had medicinal qualities, but they still produce smiles today.

A staple sweet in a Swedish Christmas feast, Pepparkakor is the original Swedish gingerbread cookie.  One of the most popular shapes at the holidays are the Pepparkakshjärtan (gingerbread hearts).  Each December, American Dream Cakes offer these delicious cookies in our bakery and at Christmas fairs around Eastern North Carolina. Various regional Christmas fairs, including Raleigh’s Scandinavian Christmas Fair allow opportunities to sample our special Swedish recipe with friends or family.

While traditional American gingerbread cookies are thicker and often sweetened with molasses, Pepparkakor are thin, crisp and do not contain molasses.

One thing Pepparkakor have in common with American gingerbread cookies is that both have been used to decorate Christmas trees!  With Pepparkakor, superstition takes it one step further.  The cookie decides the fate of a person’s wish. The old legend says: Place a cookie in your hand, make a wish, and tap the cookie in the center. If the cookie breaks into three pieces, then you will get your wish.  Even it the cookie doesn’t break into three, don’t be too sad.  It’s still delicious!

We enjoy sharing the Swedish Pepparkakor tradition.  Our founder, Gunilla Kroshus, learned to make Pepparkakor with her great-grandmother Sara.  And Gunilla has passed the tradition on to her daughter, who would love to share it with you and your family, too.  Order in advance or stop by the bakery during the month of December.  This delicious traditional cookie from Sweden will vanish before New Year.

Have a Perrarkakor, it will make you nice!  And Santa likes nice!

Santa’s Favorite Cookie

It is the time of year, Ol’ Saint Nick’s big trip is near!  He’s making his list and checking it twice.  He’s a way you can have fun and be nice!  Santa will be coming down the chimney soon, here’s a fun way to enjoy a sweet treat and some suspenseful anticipation for the little ones in your family.  Help them find out which cookie is Santa’s Favorite with our 2019 Santa’s Favorite Cookie Contest.

Here is how you and your family can share the experience (and cookies!)

  1. Buy a Santa’s Cookie Tray from our Jacksonville, NC bakery location.
  2. Set aside one cookie of each kind for Santa. Then taste-test the extra cookies and guess which one will be Santa’s favorite.
  3. Leave the tray out with a glass of milk and Santa’s Favorite Cookie Voter Card. Sleep tight!
  4. Wake up Christmas morning and see which cookie Santa voted was his favorite!
  5. Post a pic of your results to Facebook and tag with #SantaCookieADC to join the conversation and add your vote!
  6. We’ll post Santa’s ultimate favorite cookie choice for 2018 on December 29th.

Do you think you have the same favorite flavor as Santa?

Santa’s cookie tray has two sets of 7 flavors for a total of 14 cookies, so you have one of each to try too!

Enjoy some extra holiday fun with your family when you order Santa’s cookie tray by phone at 910-346-2347, in the bakery or online.

Boho Wedding Dress Trends

The boho wedding trend rooted in whimsical romance, seems here to stay. From rustic to beach boho, this trend is evolving across venues and styles. Each element of a wedding symbolizes the love story you visually tell your guests. One of the most personal details from the bride’s perspective is the bridal gown. If you are a boho bride, here are some upcoming boho wedding gown trends curated just for you and your love story.

Illusion Lace and Transparent Layers

Boho dresses highlight softness, natural beauty and sensuality with bare or finely detailed illusion lace backs and contrast with romantic, decorative floral designs. From a bare back to more risqué bare-it-all bridal gown, this trend is one to watch in 2019.

Floral Crowns

Floral crowns are definitely in.  Some brides favor simple adornments, but recently, high-fashion floral “crowns” were pushed to new levels – literally.  2019 Spring Bridal show Reem created boho floral crowns to remember. Model brides wore flowers that towered vertically, like literal crowns.

Jump Suits

In a modern, but just as boho-inspired trend, jumpsuits with intricate designs and details are contemporary reception dress alternatives.

Crochet Detailing

In another element of boho texture, crochet detailing on wedding dresses add an earthy detail to the romance of the boho wedding gown.

Statement Sleeves & Colored Gowns

From big bell to dream catcher inspired, wedding gown sleeves are making a statement.  Lace sleeves and illusion lace sleeves are favorites among brides and will be well through 2019 seasons. White and ivory are always popular, but more and more brides are leaning toward colored gowns.  Look for pinks,  blues and purple accents in 2019.

If your heart is yearning for a fresh boho wedding style, you can find more information in our Boho Bride Wedding Guide.

Boo-tiful Desserts

Halloween is just around the corner.  They’ll be lots of ghosts, goblins and goodies to be found!  If you’re looking for a “boo”-tiful way to celebrate with friends or family, American Dream Cakes Bakery has a team of edible art designers who can help create cookies, cupcakes, cakes and other delicious, fresh desserts that will shine as the centerpiece of your gathering.

Ordering hand-created cupcakes or other edible delights will create smiles all around.  Bring a bright spot to the class, team or office with cheerfully decorated Halloween treats.

Stop by the bakery or contact us to make sure your favorite designs are created in time for pickup.

Fancied This Fall

After a long, hot summer, fall weather is finally arrived in the southeast. Halloween parties and the holidays are just around the corner. As families gather and fall feasts take center stage, classic desserts and traditional flavors add warmth to your events and help create this year’s memories.

Here are some traditional treats fancied this fall season.

What’s better than cheesecake? Pumpkin cheesecake… with a pumpkin mousse and a chocolate drizzle.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should.

Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin-spice loaf with a sugar glaze, topped with drizzle and pecans, made from scratch seasonally… get yours while it’s available.

Butter Pecan Gourmet Cupcake

Another seasonal favorite, our butter pecan sponge cake with chopped pecans, sweetened milk buttercream icing, and a whole pecan garnish is the perfect bite of fall or order a dozen for the whole crew.

Spiced Caramel Apple Cupcake

Spice Cake, caramel, with apple pie filling, apple infused buttercream with caramel drizzle and chopped pecan drizzle.

Halloween Highlight: No Bones About It

Bring a little spooky with our unique No Bones About It cupcake. Topped with cookie grave dirt and white chocolate skeleton pieces.  Boo!

Pumpkin Spice Halvsie

If you can’t get enough pumpkin spice this season, here is one more treat full of seasonal spice perfect for your family or office to share. Pumpkin spice cake with pumpkin crème filling and pumpkin infused whipped topping. Topped with a caramel drizzle garnish, this is one delicious fall treat.

You’re sure to find at least one delicious dessert to fancy this fall.  Enjoy the season’s best.

A Dozen Delicious Days in October

October is National Family History Month. It’s also filled with many delicious days to celebrate!  We just had to share a few of them with you. Here are a dozen delicious dessert days in October.

1. National Homemade Cookies Day – October 1st

Involve the whole family in a new baking tradition. Grab our Schackrutor cookie recipe, and make a back of beautiful checkerboard cookies at home.  While you wait for them to bake, play a game of checkers and share memories.  If you’re not up to making cookies from scratch, we’ll help you cheat with some fresh-baked cookies from American Dream Cakes Bakery.

 4. National Pumpkin Seed Day – October 3rd

The hallmark symbol of the fall season, pumpkins are everywhere from your local farmer’s market to the front porch.  Did you know that pumpkins must be planted by July 4 to be ready for fall time harvest? October 3rd is a great day to carve your pumpkin and get to those seeds! Learn more about creative ways to use pumpkins this season.

3. Do Something Nice Day – October 5th

Everyone has had one of “those” days.  During rough times, even the smallest gestures can make a huge difference.  Do Something Nice Day offers a chance to be intentional in doing something nice for others. A meaningful gesture can be as simple as a kind word, small note or lending a hand. Of course, grabbing coffee and cookies for your coworkers is nice, too!

4. National Cake Decorating Day – October 10th

Professional cake decorating is like any artistic, creative endeavor.  Design and technical processes vary depending upon the purpose and details desired. Try your hand at decorating a cake, or join us for a behind the scenes look as our cake creation process is explained.

5. National Dessert Day – October 14th

National Dessert Day is the perfect excuse to pick up a sweet treat from your favorite bakery. Take a moment today to celebrate your favorite cookie, cupcake, pies, pastry or other dessert. Drop in to American Dream and celebrate with us. We’ve got plenty to choose from! #nationaldessertday

6. National Chocolate Cupcake Day – October 18th

Chocolate is always a favorite. On October 18th, you have the perfect excuse for an extra chocolate cupcake!  Enjoy our original, moist chocolate cupcake one of our gourmet cupcake options like the Choc-o-holic or Chocolate Covered Strawberry.  Yum.


7. National Sweetest Day – October 20th

National Sweetest Day was originally celebrated as Candy Day in 1916.  It’s evolved over time and now the day is set aside to encourage small acts of kindness to inspire others. Share your sweetest moment with someone you love.

8. National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day – October 21st

In the fall, the only thing better than cheesecake is pumpkin cheesecake! Savor October 21st with a slice of delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake.  Trust us, your friends will be jealous.

9. National Boston Crème Pie Day – October 23rd

Okay, Boston Crème Pie isn’t really a “pie” at all, but who cares?!  October 23rd is a day dedicated to digging into our delicious butter sponge cake filled with vanilla custard and topped with chocolate ganache.

Savor National Boston Crème Pie Day with your friends at American Dream Cakes.

10. National Pumpkin Day – October 26th

Fruit or vegetable? A fruit without a sweet taste is commonly accepted as a vegetable, but regardless where you sit on this debate, pumpkin is an October favorite flavor. A whopping 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced in America. Pick up your pumpkin pie on #nationalpumpkinday!

11. National Chocolate Day – October 28th

Chocolate. Oh, sweet chocolate. Doesn’t it seem like chocolate should have more than one national day? Well, it does! According to U.S. National Confectioners Association, there are four chocolate holidays: July 7, October 28, December 29 and International Chocolate Day, Sept 13. #NationalChocolateDay  Enjoy!

12. National Caramel Apple Day/ Halloween – October 31st

Did you know that National Caramel Apple day is celebrated annually on October 31?  Indulge in a nostalgic treat while you guide the kids around the neighborhood trick or treating.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween from your friends at American Dream Cakes.


Our favorite fall classic, delicious pies.

Moving closer to fall’s cool air and cozy nights, it is time make room for cake’s rustic cousin… pies.  From Sunday afternoon family gatherings to office celebrations, pies offer a delicious dessert option that also feeds the soul.

Here are a few favorite fall classics waiting for your preorder this season.


A MUST for any traditional fall gathering, pecan pie brings nutty sweet flavors to the table.


Pumpkin is the quintessential full-fall flavor. This creamy classic pie won’t last long at your family get together. You may want to order 2 or 3!

Can’t decide between pumpkin or pecan? Try our PUMPKIN MOUSSE PIE!

As a fun alternative to the classic pecan or pumpkin pies, pumpkin mousse has a full-flavored, creamy filling. Choose yours with pecans or whipped topping.

Other flavors including chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, pineapple, strawberry, and raspberry are also available.


Fresh from scratch, hand peeled, diced apples topped with an Oatmeal-walnut streusel, this Dutch apple makes it hard to say no to a second piece.


American Dream Cakes has pies for everyone’s taste this season. Sweet and tart lovers, this key lime pie is for you!

We receive numerous fall holiday pie orders. Ensure this season’s memories are delicious. Call and pre-order today to guarantee your flavor is available the date you want it.


Fall brides find inspiration in crisp autumn evenings, warm fires and nature-inspired elements for planning their wedding.

Let’s take a look at some of this fall’s wedding trends.


At first thought, beach weddings seem to fit only in summer. However, early fall is an optimal time for a beach wedding. It pairs warm sunshine with cool wisps of autumn air. Combining ocean air blue with warm autumn tones creates fall beach vibe harmony.

Accent the beachy-feel with elements like edible seashells and sea stars, while connecting to fall with earthy driftwood pieces. Trendy mid-length dresses (think Audrey Hepburn style) are ideal for a beach wedding too.

(Photo by Chad Hansen for First Mate Photography Co.; Cake by Mayflour Confections) (Photo Credit


Many naked cakes are vanilla. You can go a step further. Inspired by fall flavors, this naked carrot cake topped with fall blooms captures the fall season in a cake.

(Photo Credit (Photo Credit Weddingomania)


Unlike barely-there frosting, matte black cakes are trending just in time for a darker fall feel. If you love dark-colored themes, combining deep purples, reds, and a matte black cake may be the ultimate fall trend for you. Adding metallic detail designs can give the cake a regal air, while lighter colored flowers brighten darker tones.


Seeing naked cakes everywhere, and want a unique spin? Use a chocolate cake paired with figs and berries for a boho, woodland wedding to remember.

Want a truly fall-inspired twist?  Try a deconstructed cornucopias display.  These trendy centerpieces offer a variety of seasonal fruits for guests to eat right off the table.

(Photo via (Photo Credit


Over-sized wreaths, symbolizing unity, are the trendiest wedding backdrop this season.   Your wedding theme and style inspires how to decorate the large beauties. Fall weddings can take advantage of the season’s flowers and harvest fruits to celebrate fall harvest abundance.


Wooing brides with laid-back charm since 2013, naked cakes have proved they are here for the long haul. Initially showcasing a bare cake layer with all the icing or fruit filling on the inside, styling variations have popped up everywhere. From multiple cake flavor tiers to more icing on the outside, giving a “peek-a-boo” look, naked cakes have evolved from laid-back trendy to simple sophistication.

Popular naked wedding cakes show yellow cake with fruit topping or a light colored icing swipe; however, options are not limited there. Gather inspiration from your wedding season, style or venue to personalize your unique cake story.

Here are ideas to help you make your naked wedding cake details unique.

Include more than one cake flavor in a multi-layer naked cake by choosing different flavors for each tier layer. Various cake flavors add another dimension of colors and contrast.  We’ve even seen a naked cake taken up a notch with playful confetti cake colors.  The sky’s the limit.  Be creative.

Chocolate naked cakes filled with chocolate frosting or ganache offer an indulgent option without being overpowering.

Choose a seasonally inspired cake flavor like carrot cake, or choose fall-friendly fruits to add the perfect little element of “extra.”


End of summer sales and barbeques may come to mind when you think of Labor Day, but the meaning of the holiday is more significant. Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 honoring the contributions of working-class Americans.

For years working conditions were severe.  Employees often worked 60-70 hours a week with little to no time off. During the 19th century Labor Movement, workers fought for fundamental protections that we are accustomed to now. Overtime pay, workers’ compensation, child labor laws, and sick leave are among those protections.

Social and economic movements in our country benefit from the strength, growth and prosperity created by working Americans.  Labor Day pays tribute to these vital contributions.

Celebrate your contributions and the contributions of your fellow Americans with one of our classic Labor Day favorites.

Dutch Apple Pie

Nothing says all-American comfort better than homemade Apple Pie.

Made from scratch with five freshly peeled and diced apples and oatmeal crumble topping. It is flavorful without being overpowering. Don’t forget to pair with a scoop of ice cream on top!

Lemon Meringue Pie

Light and fluffy meringue paired with a cool lemon filling is not only a classic, but an anticipated refresher for summer get-togethers.  Not in the mood for lemon?  We also have chocolate and coconut meringue pies available for order.

Strawberry Torte

If you are looking for an indulgent Labor Day dessert, a strawberry torte is a perfect option. Vanilla buttercream tops four layers of alternating sweet strawberry filling and yellow cake. Topped with bright red glazed strawberries, this is the rock star of the Labor Day dessert table.

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Chocolate and peanut butter.  Who can say no? This flavor combination is a winning choice for an unforgettable Labor Day dessert.

This Labor Day, make your backyard BBQ or company celebration one to remember with an American Dream Cakes classic for dessert.  Call 910-346-2347 to order your Labor Day dessert today.