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Love is in The Air: Tips for An Outdoor Wedding

Nature’s beauty is next to impossible to beat. Combine its beauty with the happiest day of your life, and you have a recipe for something amazing. However, some unique difficulties accompany an outdoor wedding. Here are 10 tips to help organize an outdoor wedding. Read more

Serve up Some Fun!

Throughout the year, the #SweetTreatsTrailer is seen at local fairs and festivals around Eastern NC. As one of the most popular food trucks in the area, it’s constantly busy serving gourmet cupcakes, fresh cookies, cheesecake pops, candied apples, and other seasonal favorites. Read more

To Save or Not to Save? What a Sweet Dilemma

In many parts of our country it’s a common tradition for couples to save the top-tier of their wedding cake to eat on their one year anniversary. While some fear that having their cake in the freezer for a whole year will cause it to get freezer burn, there are steps you can take to help minimize the chances of ending up with a dried-out cake. Read more

The Evolution of Wedding Cakes

Just like everything else, wedding cakes have styles. Throughout the years, the styles of cakes have changed drastically. Years ago, small pillars were used to separate the layers of the cake. Pillars in a wedding cake now are almost unheard of. Read more

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy task, but the end result makes it all worth it. There are a few steps you can take as a bride to minimize the amount of stress during the months of planning. For a full detailed planning guide, download our free “Dream Wedding Planner” (will be linked once the content offer is up).
Read more

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

We love helping brides create the perfect cake for their big day. From beach themed cakes, to simple designs, we do all we can to make the bride’s dream cake a reality.

Let’s look back through the years and see some of our favorite wedding cakes! Read more

Frosting Frenzy

When it comes to sweets, everyone has a favorite; favorite cake type, filling, and even frosting. While you might not realize it, there are many different types of frostings that can be used on cakes and cupcakes. Let’s run down the list of some different types of frosting: Read more

What Cake Topper Fits You?

No one really knows how it started, but wedding cakes have had toppers for hundreds of years. While the cake is a representation of you – it’s uniquely designed to fit you as a couple, so is the cake topper. The topper is a great way to add your personality as a couple. Toppers range from serious/elegant to extremely silly.
In recent years, more couples have started choosing ornate, funny, or modern cake toppers. Let’s look at 6 distinct styles of toppers and see if you can determine which style suits you best. Read more

Valentine’s Day Sweets


Just when you thought the gift-giving season was ending, here it is again. Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than you think, which means more gift decisions need to be made. Stay ahead of the last-minute craze this year with these gift ideas for your sweetheart: Read more