Pool Party Favorites


When the heat is up and water is calling your name, it’s time for a pool party. Plan ahead and you’ll be as relaxed as all the kids and adults coming out of the water ready to eat! Having a variety of cool treats ready will save time and keep everyone having fun for hours.

Fresh and Fruity
Fruits are cool and refreshing and a seasonal favorite for the pool party, too. Fruit kabobs, fruit salads and fruit parfaits are always welcome. Experiment with various flavor combinations of your favorite summer fruits. Melons make great munchies – mix watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew with pineapple, grapes, or even strawberries. Serve on skewers, or in a dish topped with a dollop of whipped cream or yogurt.

Grilled to Perfection
Have you ever put pineapple on a grill? Or mango? Follow that grilled treat with some summer staples like hot dogs or burgers for the family. Feeling like something a little more adventurous? Grill pizzas, chicken or steak kabobs and summer veggies – like corn on the cobb and squash & onions.

Citrus Slushies, Pops & Mocktails
Freeze yogurt pops or juice pops for a delicious pool-side treat. Try freezing lime juice, orange juice and pineapple juice into cubes ahead of your party to toss in the blender with fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries or bananas. Add in a few ice cubes a scoop of ice cream and you’re in for a creamy citrus slushy that will make the neighbors jealous. For the whole family to enjoy a “mocktail” drink, use fruity drink mixes, club soda, juice and coat rims with course sugar.


Water-Themed Desserts
Cookies, cupcakes, cakes and parfaits all seem sweeter by the pool when they are decorated with fish, shark fins, beach balls or other waterplay themes. This recipe for an “Ocean Cake” can easily be decorated with kids or adapted to a mini-version for cupcakes.


Anything Appetizer
Anything goes in the appetizer category! Enjoy bacon wrapped peppers, veggies and dip, humus, sliders or any favorite “pop-able” bite sized food. When outdoors and near the water, small bites that that keep you going without over-filling are perfect. Southern Living recently published 26 easy outdoor appetizers.
Think small and it will be a big hit!


Stay cool this summer and be safe as you enjoy pool party time with family and friends.

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