Common Questions

Do you only make cakes?
No, we are an ever-growing bakery with everything from cookies, pastries, and bars, to Tortes, Pies and other specialty items. Check out our Bakery Menu page to see what items we carry, or stop in and select a treat or two for yourself and maybe some for friends.
What flavor cakes do you have?
We currently offer White, Yellow, Chocolate and Marble (yellow and choc. swirled together). In addition, certain size cakes can be ordered in our wedding cake flavors. All flavors are “Baked Fresh, Never Frozen!” right here in our shop.
Do you make shaped or sculpted cakes?
Yes, we make carved and sculpted cakes. These should be ordered well in advance (several weeks); and due to the time and skill required to make these, they are high $$$ cakes. Please note that we adhere strictly to international copyright laws and cannot make any replicas or likeness of any copyrighted items, logos, figures, etc. without the written consent from the copyright holder.
Do you deliver cakes?
At this time we are only able to deliver Wedding Cakes and Military Ball Cakes.
How much does a 3-tier wedding cake cost?
Our Wedding cakes are priced per serving. Depending on the sizes of the tiers the amount of servings will vary. The “per serving price” is based on several things: design, type icing, type filling etc. Each wedding cake is unique and to give a price quote without all the specifics is not possible. Please call us to schedule your wedding consultation, free of charge, so we can discuss all the specifics of your “Dream Cake.”
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept credit and debit cards. We accept: Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover.