Fall Weddings are Warming Up


Fall: A Growing Season for Weddings
Summer’s heat has passed.  Days are shortening, but fall presents us with a second “new year” as school years, harvests and other cycles start anew in fall.  One thing is certain, this traditional season of harvest is producing a bumper crop of weddings.

According to WeddingWire, 71% percent of couples say, “I do” between May and October, but fall is now outpacing traditional summer months.  In fact, October was the most popular month for weddings, followed by September.  Note the top 5 most popular wedding dates in 2016:

–October 22
–October 15
–October 8
–November 5
–September 24

As fall weddings continue to boom in 2017 and beyond, themes for wedding décor are following suit.  Keep an eye out for colors that favor neutral palettes and more organic and nature-themed elements – even in traditional and elegant weddings.


Fall: Wedding Cake & Décor Trends to Watch

For fall weddings, expect to see increased use of neutral shades, natural elements, woodlands themes, and metallic textures – like copper and gold – in wedding cakes and wedding décor.  Whether indoor or outdoor, fall weddings will incorporate elements from nature like leaves, fresh flowers, seasonal fruits, pinecones, wood textures and more.  Look for décor to have a subtle touch of earthy naturalism.  In our area, many weddings will be at the beach, but natural tones and trends don’t mean every wedding will be casual.  There are fall formals, too!

Formal in the Fall
More formal events will likely feature tone-on-tone designs in white or soft neutrals. White-on-white cakes are popular and while simple in color, their detailed designs make them visually stunning and elegant.  An increase in gold and warm metallic colors like copper and bronze will also be paired with the use of fresh flowers or rosettes.

In addition to white-on-white and other tone-on-tone cakes with striking dimensional details, lace cakes are popular and will continue to be seen in coming weddings.


For those formal fall affairs that crave a bit more dramatic note, neutrals and softer hues can be paired with a bold accent color from jewel-tones like plum, burgundy or a dusted navy blue.

Falling for Rustic & Organic
For more rustic, earthy weddings, a more direct use of natural components will provide seasonal charm and personality.  Incorporation of leaves, branches, shells, pinecones and other organic elements in a variety of colors and styles will create a natural tone for fall weddings.


Naked cakes – a style of wedding cake where layers and fillings are clearly visible for guests – are popular and will continue to provide a feast for the eyes (and mouths) of wedding guests in the fall.  Naked cakes are often planned to incorporate seasonally available fresh fruits, so talk to your cake designer about what flavors are ideal for the month you’re planning to marry.


Fall-Forward: Looking to the Future

Personalized Painted Cakes are hand-painted to create a truly personalized centerpiece for your wedding.  From watercolor washes to florals to unique picturesque scenes, hand-painted cake layers work beautifully for a wide variety of styles.


Painted cakes work beautifully for a “nearly naked” feel – a style that is topping the charts as naked cakes become more distinctly coordinated and designed.  They also blend well with sugar or fresh florals to match your wedding bouquet and décor.  Blend painted layers with solid layers or metallics to create a unique statement piece at your reception.


Your wedding is a day designed to fit your colors, your style and your venue.  Contact us to schedule a Design Consultation for your wedding cake.  We’re happy to help you create the perfect centerpiece for your wedding day.

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