Different Types of Ruffle Cakes


Ruffle cakes have been quickly growing in popularity. If you’re looking for something elegant yet fun and flirty, a ruffle cake might be perfect for you. A ruffle cake is a great way to make your gusts stop and say “wow”.

There are various styles of ruffle cakes to choose from:


Buttercream/Fondant Ruffles:
Barbie Cakes


Petal Ruffles:
Petal Ruffles


Rosette Ruffles:


Ombre Buttercream Ruffles:


The Peeling Effect Ruffles:
Peeling Effect


All ages can enjoy a ruffle cake. They can be used to emulate a princess dress, or to create a beautifully crafted and sophisticated wedding cake, and anything in-between.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday, anniversary, or even wedding cake style, a ruffle cake is a fun way to bring out your personality. The different styles of ruffles and the different colors that can be used will make your cake just as unique as you are! Contact ADC to learn more about how we can help make your ruffle dream cake a reality.


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