5 Key Factors for Custom Cake Costs

When planning a special event, from a birthday party to a wedding, a custom cake helps make lifelong memories. A fresh, custom-designed cake takes an event’s personalized feel to the next level. Custom cakes can require more time and cost more. If you want a personally inspired, custom cake that will fit your budget, here are five factors to consider while preparing for your event.

Event Size / Group Count

The longer the guest list for an event, the more cake you will need to serve at your party. You may want to consider having two flavor options for larger groups. Two or three-tier cakes can be made with various flavors to offer choices to the group. Family-friendly events can pair a custom cake with coordinating cupcakes for children.

Creative Design Work

Deciding the design details of your custom cake is exciting. When considering a specific type of theme or design, remember the more intricate designs will take more time which creates more expense. If you have a limited budget, our design pros can usually scale your design concept to a smaller size or simpler design version that will reduce detail work time.

Custom Cake Details

Part of the fun of creating a custom cake is the ability to completely tailor the design. For example, you may select a favorite specialty flavor of cake or filling. We offer traditional cake flavors such as white, yellow, and chocolate.  We also offer flavors such as almond, lemon, orange, cookies and cream, red velvet, and chipper cherry to name a few. In addition to unique cake flavors, we also offer a variety of cake fillings including buttercreams, ganache, German chocolate, fruit cremes, raspberry, seasonal fruits and more.

With a custom cake on the inside, you can coordinate your cake’s exterior presentation to your event color scheme and décor.

Budget Time Too

Each cake is made fresh and decorated just before your event. It is important to allow time to meet with a cake designer to ensure availability for your event date.  For significant events such as a wedding, we encourage you to plan six to twelve months in advance of the event date for the best results and coordination.

Transportation Arrangements

Planning cake flavors, colors and décor details to personalize your event’s memorable centerpiece is exciting. Another essential element to consider when ordering your custom cake is transportation arrangements.

We offer free delivery for three-tier or larger cakes within the city limits of Jacksonville. Other locations, depending upon the distance from the bakery, incur a delivery fee. Sunday deliveries are also charged an additional $100 to cover staffing non-traditional business hours. Two-tier cakes must be picked up at the bakery.

A custom cake creates a distinctive, memorable experience at your event.  This is a memory you’ll cherish for years to come.  Call us today to plan your next event’s custom cake design.


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