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Top 6 ‘Wedd-tro’ Cake Trends for Spring 2015

2015 promises to bring unique flavors and a few wedding retro arrangements to the wedding cake game. While some styles will still lean more toward the classic and romantic side, others are quite creative and out of the box. Find your own personal style in one of these 6 emerging retro trends for weddings in the Spring of 2015. Read more

Your Wedding Life Preserver

Imagine this: Two days before your perfectly planned wedding a fire breaks out at your reception hall burning it to the ground, the pipes burst in your apartment ruining your wedding gown, and your fiancé’s great aunt that raised him since birth has fallen ill and is now in the hospital. Worst case scenario right? Read more

What Wedding Cake Topper Suits You?

What Wedding Cake Topper Suits You

Wedding cakes have had toppers for hundreds of years, but how the tradition started is a subject cloaked in mystery. Read more