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2016 Fall Wedding Trends

Fall in Love with these 2016 Fall Wedding Trends Read more

2016 Beach Wedding Trends

Spring is here, but we are already looking forward to summer weddings! We noticed a few things changing the world of beach-side weddings. A shift in color choices, less florals, simplified celebrations are going to be big in 2016. Read more

2016 Spring Wedding Flower Trends

Flowers have been featured in wedding celebrations since Roman times, when brides believed that floral headdresses increased fertility and offered protection from evil spirits. Though many beliefs and customs have changed since then, wedding flowers are still all the rage. Read more

10 Tips for Minimizing Wedding Stress

Engaged? Stressing about planning your wedding? Most every bride looks forward to planning their dream wedding. But time constraints and the desire to please everyone on your guest list can quickly transform your jubilant wedding celebration into a stressful ordeal. Preparation is the secret to staying out of the ‘Bridezilla’ club. These wedding planning tips will help you plan the perfect wedding day, without breaking a sweat. Read more

3 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

While the holidays draw us closer to friends and family, they frequently invite an unwelcome guest: stress. It’s hardly surprising, given the many demands of the season – including parties, shopping, baking, and entertaining. Taking a few smart steps now can minimize your anxiety, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. Read more

2016 Winter Wedding Trends

While warm weather weddings have always been popular, winter nuptials can be just as exciting – and perhaps a bit more elegant. This season has a few new trends in store, including fresh new color palettes and opportunities for glamour. Traditional elements with a modern spin will define this year’s winter wedding look. Read more

10 Don’t For Your Outdoor I Dos

It’s hard to beat the beauty of nature. Combine that with the happiest day of your life and you have a recipe for something gorgeous. However, an outdoor wedding often comes with its share of difficulties. Let’s take a look at how not to organize an outdoor wedding. Read more

How to Plan a Wedding

Wedding planning is filled with excitement and expectations, but it can also be an extremely challenging and stressful time. You have to stay organized, stick to a budget, and start early enough to allow plenty of time to get everything done. That’s why we created this little planning guide to assist you with a few of the essentials for a successful wedding day: Read more

2015 Summer Wedding Trends

From the simple, classic, and chic wartime weddings of the 1940’s, to the backcombed beehive and knee-length wedding dresses of the 1960’s, wedding trends are a distinct reflection of the times in which we live. Here are several trends that are proving to be popular for summer weddings in 2015: Read more

Great Cakespectations

With the wedding show season still going strong articles in the news are popping up everywhere regarding planning for, budgeting for, and designing the perfect wedding…specifically the perfect wedding cake. For some it’s the centerpiece for the entire feel of the evening, for others it’s a tasty dessert to round of a spectacular event. What these articles fail to mention is the flexibility brides & grooms need to have in order to do all the above mentioned planning. With wedding cakes especially, clients should do research & be mentally and monetarily prepared to be flexible. Read more