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Beautiful Wedding Cakes

We love helping brides create the perfect cake for their big day. From beach themed cakes, to simple designs, we do all we can to make the bride’s dream cake a reality.

Let’s look back through the years and see some of our favorite wedding cakes! Read more

What Cake Topper Fits You?

No one really knows how it started, but wedding cakes have had toppers for hundreds of years. While the cake is a representation of you – it’s uniquely designed to fit you as a couple, so is the cake topper. The topper is a great way to add your personality as a couple. Toppers range from serious/elegant to extremely silly.
In recent years, more couples have started choosing ornate, funny, or modern cake toppers. Let’s look at 6 distinct styles of toppers and see if you can determine which style suits you best. Read more

Bridal Show Tips to Minimize Stress

Bridal shows always prove to be a memorable experience. There is a lot of stress and craziness in a soon-to-be bride’s life once the planning starts. Small details you thought would be easy and quick, end up taking two weeks to finalize. It can be overwhelming. Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed, stop, take a breath, and remind yourself of the bigger picture – you’re going to marry your best friend. Don’t stress over all the little things because in the end all that truly matters is you and your fiancé will be standing in front of friends and family saying “I do”. Read more

How to Hire a Food Truck for Your Next Event

From wedding receptions, to corporate events, to family reunions and state fairs, food trucks are popping up everywhere. These rolling restaurants are a fun way to provide a diverse menu of delicious food. They do however, create their own set of logistical challenges. Read more

Choosing Your Wedding Party

You’ve said yes, you’ve set the date, and now it’s time to ask a select few people to join your wedding party. Of course, you can’t choose everyone, so between your siblings, cousins, old college roommates, and your current besties, how do you decide? Read more

Sweet Treats Trailer Spotlight

The #SweetTreatsTrailer is seen at local fairs and festivals in Eastern NC throughout the year.  It’s busy serving up gourmet cupcakes, fresh cookies, cheesecake pops, candied apples and other seasonal favorites. And it’s not alone – The food truck industry has exploded in the last few years.  Read more

Timeline of a Wedding Cake

How long does it take to make a cake? And why are some cakes so expensive? These are common questions clients ask. If you’ve never worked in a custom cake bakery and made professionally decorated cakes, it’s understandable that this is something that is a mystery to the average client. Some people may think it’s only a matter of pouring some cake mix in a bowl, follow the directions the box and bake. Read more

Unique Wedding Cake Flavor Combos

One of the most frequently photographed and memorable subjects of your wedding day, your cake can be a magnificent work of art. With increasingly elaborate designs – featuring delicate patterns and endless color choices – there are many options for creating the dessert of your dreams. As important as style is, taste still matters, so below we present some of the most popular flavors of the year: Read more

Modernizing Wedding Traditions

A huge trend that is gaining more and more momentum is couples putting a modern spin on traditional wedding features. Here are five old-school wedding staples that are getting a refresh for 2016: Read more

Top Wedding Bridal Themes of 2016

Today’s best bridal showers are about so much more than just chatting with your friends while unwrapping gifts – your celebration should celebrate you and your spouse-to-be and complement your personalities. Get your guests actively involved in your shower Read more