Backyard BBQ Bakes

Memorial Day is officially recognized as the time of year brave men and women of the armed forces are honored for their service and sacrifice while protecting our country and our freedom. Unofficially it’s also the start of summer and one of the first long weekends. There’s no better way to enjoy the parades, picnics, and backyard BBQs than in the company of family and friends sharing good times, great food, and delicious desserts. Read more

Baby Shower Cakes

A baby shower is a celebration of the expected or delivered birth of a baby. It’s up to the mother-to-be to decide when she wants to have it. The mommy-to-be is showered with gifts from friends and family to help her prepare for the start of motherhood. Read more

Easter Specials

From peeps to jelly beans, to the dyed eggs in the kids’ baskets, pastel colors are distinctive during Easter. Desserts are no exception; cakes, cupcakes, and other treats are beautifully decorated with pastel colors to bring out the essence of spring. Pies and tortes are also popular desserts during this time of year. Read more

Serve up Some Fun!

Throughout the year, the #SweetTreatsTrailer is seen at local fairs and festivals around Eastern NC. As one of the most popular food trucks in the area, it’s constantly busy serving gourmet cupcakes, fresh cookies, cheesecake pops, candied apples, and other seasonal favorites. Read more

Help Us Find Santa’s Favorite Cookie

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. How are you going to make life delicious for Santa? As the holiday gets closer and closer, it’s time to think about what type of cookies you’re going to leave out this year. Unfortunately, since Santa likes his privacy, no one knows for sure what his favorite cookie is. Read more

Holiday Traditions Around Your Table

Every family has their own traditions for holidays. Whether it was planned or it just fell into place, traditions are part of what make holidays special. Read more

Halloween Gingerbread Houses

Everyone has heard of making gingerbread houses for Christmas, but who says they have to be limited to one holiday?

If you’re planning a Halloween party, a haunted gingerbread house is fun. It’s also a unique, tasty decoration. Read more

How to Hire a Food Truck for Your Next Event

From wedding receptions, to corporate events, to family reunions and state fairs, food trucks are popping up everywhere. These rolling restaurants are a fun way to provide a diverse menu of delicious food. They do however, create their own set of logistical challenges. Read more

How to Host an EPIC Olympics Viewing Party

If you aren’t planning a visit to Rio to witness the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in person, hosting an Olympic viewing party may be the next best thing. Inspired by the games, we’ve put together some tips for a viewing party that’s worthy of a gold medal. Read more