Creative Ways to Use Pumpkins

Think outside the Pie Shell

Pumpkins are all the rage during the fall season.  Starting in late September through the end of November, they’re heralding the arrival of Fall from grocery stores, farmers markets, table tops and front porches.   They’re not just for pumpkin pie anymore! Read more

Sweet Treats at Oktoberfest

It’s October!  That means it’s time for the beer, brats, goodies and good-times of Jacksonville’s  Oktoberfest.

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Fall Weddings are Warming Up

Fall: A Growing Season for Weddings
Summer’s heat has passed.  Days are shortening, but fall presents us with a second “new year” as school years, harvests and other cycles start anew in fall.  One thing is certain, this traditional season of harvest is producing a bumper crop of weddings.

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Family Baking Traditions

Food brings families together.  It helps us gather at mealtime, celebrate holidays, and converse at community gatherings.

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Fun Things to do this Fall

Back to school also means back to business for many adults, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had this time of year.  Jacksonville and Onslow County host many fun fall events.  The area is centrally located with several regional festivals nearby, too.  It’s the season for harvests, festivals and there’s plenty to enjoy to keep your hearts warm as the weather cools.

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The Sweeter Side of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where the meaning of it sometimes gets forgotten – which is surprising considering it’s right in the name: Thanks-giving. Many families gather together to feast on delicious food, talk about what’s going on in life, and watch football (in-be-tween food comas). While the holiday does revolve heavily around the food on the table, the other part of the holiday is remembering what we are thankful for in life. Read more

Holiday Traditions Around Your Table

Every family has their own traditions for holidays. Whether it was planned or it just fell into place, traditions are part of what make holidays special. Read more

Halloween Gingerbread Houses

Everyone has heard of making gingerbread houses for Christmas, but who says they have to be limited to one holiday?

If you’re planning a Halloween party, a haunted gingerbread house is fun. It’s also a unique, tasty decoration. Read more

2016 Fall Wedding Trends

Fall in Love with these 2016 Fall Wedding Trends Read more

The Cornucopia – A Symbol of Abundant Blessings

For centuries, the cornucopia has symbolized gratitude for the many blessings of life – and it still does today. As you gather together with your family and friends to celebrate America’s abundance this Thanksgiving, you just might want to have one nearby for good luck! Read more