Custom Cakes

At American Dream Cake your artistically crafted custom cake is only a phone call away.  Our cake designer’s take pride in perfecting every detail of your creation.  From simple roses to exquisite sugar work we’ve got you covered.

Custom designs are priced individually based on the time required to complete the design and the intricacy of the design itself.  We are a custom cake shop creating all kinds of sweet treats from sheet cakes to multiple tiered centerpieces.  Size, shape, & décor are all factors in both time needed & final pricing.

Remember, its not just the eggs, flour, & sugar you’re paying for.  It’s the artistic ability, time investment from the designers, and the quality care taken to take your imagination and make it reality that all factor into the cost.  The more time we have the more creative we can be so we always recommend at least a minimum of 2-4 weeks notice for orders.

Feel free to visit our “Contact” section and request a general quote via email or call the main bakery line for questions.