Back to School Treats


It’s all on your back-to-school list: bookbag, lunchbox, notebook, paper, pencils and shoes… but before you send them off to school this fall, include some special fresh-baked surprises that will remind them you’re thinking about them while they’re away from you at school.  Because you love them, be sure to appropriately portion sweets for your child and balance them with plenty of protein, fruits and veggies.

Here are 5 great options that are ready-to-go, easy to pack, and are FRESH-BAKED without preservatives.

  1. Cookies


Nothing packs a bigger smile into a lunchbox than a fresh baked cookie!

We keep these favorite flavors in the bakery everyday:

  • sugar cookies
  • snickerdoodles
  • chocolate chip
  • double-chocolate chip and
  • macadamia nut.


  1. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks


Crunchy, sweet and covered in sprinkles.  What’s not to love?

This easy to pack favorite will be the talk of the lunch table.


  1. Brownies


A fresh-baked brownie is a rich and chocolatey way to say, “have a special day!”

Depending on the age and appetite of your lunch-muncher, a single brownie may be cut into smaller portions for 2 days or bite-size “poppers” for multiple days.


  1. Muffins


Muffins can be a great mid-morning snack or an after-lunch treat. A variety of flavors are available and there’s no frosting or special packing required.

Mmmmm…. Muffin, please!


  1. A Cupcake? Yes, even a cupcake!

While it may not be the tidiest to pack on its own, with a little help from a special cupcake container like Cupcake-To-Go, you can even pack a cupcake for after your lunch (or theirs).

Vanilla or chocolate cupcakes are always ready at the bakery, and the smaller size is better for occasional after-lunch treats than the larger, richer gourmet varieties adults enjoy.


They’ll head off to school with the hottest new pencils, folders, markers and crayons.  But while they’re learning the rules and making new friends, you can add an extra smile to their first days at school with a fresh-baked treat that says “have a very special day.”


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