The Road So Far

American Dream Cakes™ is a family-owned Bakery operated by Randy & Gunilla Kroshus. As a full line Bakery, we are pleased to offer cookies, pastries, pies, tortes and more. We make cakes for weddings, birthdays, military events and other special occasions. We specialize in couture wedding and custom cakes,  but we also offer basic cake designs and photo cakes (edible images).

American Dream Cakes™ never uses pre-baked/frozen cakes, nor do they use ready made icings. Every order is baked and decorated fresh on the premises. This way they can provide you with a delicious tasting cake for your special occasion that is truly unique.

American Dream Cakes™ wedding cake consultations are free (by appointment) and there is no delivery fee for wedding cakes in Jacksonville.   Delivery time restrictions may apply, based on a first come basis. Some wedding cakes may be subject to a set up fee.

American Dream Cakes™ is a member of Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce,  and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

A Little History…

familyThere’s a rich history behind the delicious baking you experience at American Dream Cakes Bakery! From Great-Grandfather’s days in the old country bakery to now, the family has held a high standard of excellence and delicate craftsmanship that families can enjoy together.

Gunilla’s Great-Grandfather, (3rd from the right) is pictured in his bakery.

While the new establishment is much more “state of the art” the quality and passion for freshness you taste in each and every pastry, cookie, cake or other creation is the same! Visit our location on Gum Branch Road and enjoy a wide variety of sweets and delights!